Download Cydia without Jailbreak from OpenAppMkt

The method to download Cydia without jailbreak is like a long-lost Shaolin Kung Fu. There are many jailbreak users go after it because it sounds like it exists while it is actually not really there. In the iOS world, there are a few methods where you can really get cracked apps without jailbreak. OpenAppMkt is one name that you should know if you are hunting a best way to download Cydia without jailbreak. OpenAppMkt is one of the best sources that provide iOS users a broad range free iOS apps and tweaks. Apps available in the server are updated from time to time. In the recent days, you can even find a lot of iOS 7 apps.


OpenAppMkt is actually a HTML5 based web apps provider. The meaning of web apps means you don’t actually install any apps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The app is hosted at OpenAppMkt server and you can use it by accessing the software directly from your iOS device. Try to think how do you play Candy Crush Saga in Facebook? Or how do you play Flappy Bird online without the need to install the game to your device? They are basically the same idea. In this case, you don’t have to install the app to your iOS device. Hence, there is no jailbreak needed to run OpenAppMkt or any cracked apps. On the other hand, OpenAppMkt hosts Cydia program too so you can use Cydia without jailbreak. It is a necessity to download OpenAppMkt now and try it out. This is the only way to know how great this Kung Fu is.



Download OpenAppMkt

It is clearly mentioned that you don’t need to install anything on your iOS device in order to run an app from OpenAppMkt. Therefore, you don’t really need to install a piece of software or program from OpenAppMkt in order to run OpenAppMkt. However, there is a need to “download” OpenAppMkt. The so called “download OpenAppMkt” means adding a bookmark to your Safari or your browser. Open up a browser from your iOS device and access to There is a huge button “Install OpenAppMkt” on top of the page. Just tap on it and the bookmark will be added to your browser in no time. You should try to install some apps, themes, tweaks, or games. The concept of having apps without requiring a jailbreak is definitely awesome.


OpenAppMkt Alternatives


The latest update we get from OpenAppMkt official website is “Application Error”. It has been like that for a couple weeks and we do not know it is schedule maintenance or the end of the day for OpenAppMkt. Just in case OpenAppMkt is going to meet its maker like Installous, you should check out some of the craziest apps which also allow you to download Cydia apps without jailbreak. They are Kuaiyong, Zeusmos, AppCake, vShare, Pandaapp, and HipStore.

SBSettings is Awesome on iOS 7

All of us know that SBSettings is an awesome app for Cydia users. Wait a minute! You don’t know and never heard of SBSettings? You MUST explore this app as it is one of the most sought-after Cydia apps over the years. According to a research, 99% of Cydia users who installed SBsettings rarely uninstalled them. This is because SBSettings is one awesome app that is able to turbo up your iPhone. It makes everything run faster. People who easily get frustrated with slow response from phone will fall in love with this app easily.




There are a few methods offered by SBSettings to allow an iPhone users to have a faster way to manage their phone settings as well as enabling and disabling features, for example, Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi connection, airplane mode, 3G/4G, brightness of the screen, and other often used toggles. The traditional way to turn on your iPhone Wi-Fi is to go to Settings -> Wi-Fi Networks -> On/Off. With SBSettings, you can do it in just one swap. Besides, SBSettings is able to hide the on-screen weather report which comes with iOS 7. Couldn’t wait to get this app? Let’s see how to install SBSettings on iOS 7. These steps are the same for those who are running iOS 6, iOS 5, as well as iOS 4.


How to Install SBSettings on iOS 7


Here are a few tasty steps to install SBSettings on an iPhone. SBSettings is free for download so there won’t be any cost.


Step 1: First of all, you must understand that SBSettings work only on a jailbroken device. Thus, you have to jailbreak your iOS 7 and install Cydia to your iOS device. Tap on the Cydia (Brown color icon) on your home screen to open it. At Cydia, tap the Search bar on top and search for SBSettings. The instant result will shows a few things related to it, for instances, SBSettings A Drawn Theme, SBSettings AnkiMini, SBSettings BluePad AS, SBSettings camHD.


Step 2: Tap on SBSettings (usually it is the first result) and tap on the Install button located at the top right corner. Make sure you are installing the latest version for iOS 7.


Step 3: Your screen will show “Continue Queing”. If this happens, tap on the Confirm button to continue the installation.


Step 4: Let the installation run by itself. It is usually a black background with many words that you don’t understand.
Step 5: It takes less than 5 minutes for the installation. Tap on Restart SpringBoard when it is done. What now? Open SBSettings and customize your own iPhone to make it run quicker.


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How to use SBSettings


Since SBSettings is an app that makes your life easier, it is of course easy to be used. You will see SBSettings drop down from your status bar when the installation is done successfully. By default, there are a few toggles such as Airplane, Bluetooth, Data, Location, SMS Alerts, Wi-Fi, and others. Tap on the More button on bottom left if you want to change these quick toggles. Tap on the Set Toggles button once you get into the setup page.

SBSettings screenshot


You will see a list of toggles and this is where you can select which one to be appeared at the quick bar. It is just ON or OFF. On top of that, you can also use SBSettings themes in case you want to make your iPhone look nicer.

Use Cydia App Store to Download Free Apps

If you have just bought the latest iPhone 5S yesterday, today is the day to learn how to use Cydia App Store to download free Cydia apps. Cydia App Store is almost identical to Apple App Store except the number of apps, the source of apps, and the cost of apps. At $0 cost, you can get hundreds of apps from Cydia App Store to customize your own iPhone look. These apps are usually not allowed to be appeared in Apple App Store. Besides, you can also download a lot of paid apps and games for free. It is unlimited to use Cydia to achieve your goal but the only requirement is to jailbreak your iOS device. If you have already jailbreak it and wondering how to use Cydia to download apps, these step by step guide is going to be the heaven for you.


Cydia App Store


What is Cydia?


First of all, it is crucial to understand what is Cydia? Cydia is a piece of software that allows you to install third-party apps to an iOS device. Developers around the world are allowed to develop and upload their app to Cydia App Store. Cydia contains thousands of apps, tweaks, mods, games, wallpaper, and ringtones. With more than a million users around the world, it is often regarded the best Apple App Store alternative.


How to Download Cydia


It is extremely easy to download Cydia to an iOS device. As iOS 7 jailbreak is released, you can download and install Cydia to any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with a doubt. Almost all the jailbreak tools come with Cydia. You can use any of these jailbreak tools or programs to install Cydia automatically during the jailbreak process: P0sixspwn, Evasi0n, Absinthe, Redsn0w, Seas0npass, or JailbreakMe. Of course there are more available in the market. Some jailbreak tools are free while some are not.


How to Update Cydia


Technology keeps on changing but it is not hard to keep up with it. If you Cydia is out dated and it needs to be updated, you will see an “Upgrade Essential” message appear when you open Cydia. Tap on the Upgrade Essential button and let your iOS device do the job. This is the easiest way to update Cydia to the latest version.


How to Reinstall Cydia


For some reasons, Cydia might not work or crash when you try to open it. It will be wise to reinstall it if this is the case. Go to Saurik official website and download the latest Cydia DEB file. That’s the quickest way to get Cydia Installer for free. Connect your iOS device to your computer and drag it to your device at this path /private/var/mobile/documents/. Access the DEB file from your device and tap on Installer to reinstall it.


How to Add Cydia Sources/Repository


To add a Cydia Source or a Cydia repo, open up Cydia and Tap Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add -> Enter the APT URL -> Add Source -> Return to Cydia. You may now train yourself by adding one of the most wanted Cydia repo: AppAddict.


How to Install Free Apps from Cydia


In the past few years, Installous was one of the top rated programs for free apps but it was gone. However, there are still many alternatives to get free apps. For example, AppCake, Zeusmos, HipStore, Kuaiyong, vShare, iFunbox, Pandaapp, Apptrackr, and some other to be mentioned. Kuaiyong is the most amazing program that gives you free apps without jailbreak. As for AppCake, Zeusmos, HipStore, and vShare, you will need to add the repository to your Cydia before you can use it. Lastly, iFunbox and Pandaapp are two wonderful portal that allows you to install app from the web.

Installous Alternatives Everyone Needs to Know

While Installous is long gone, it is a must for everyone to know these best of the best Installous alternatives that are currently feeding millions of free apps to mobile users. While mobile applications are getting more pervasive and complicated every day, reviews don’t come easy. These Installous alternatives have been tested by a group of iOS users who spent more than 10 hours a day on their iOS devices. They have tested these apps for at least a month in order to work out the best list for those who have been searching for alternatives to install free apps. There you go!

Best Installous alternatives


Kuaiyong is currently the most awesome Installous alternatives as it offers their users to download paid apps for free with the need of an apple id. Kuaiyong was first introduced in 2012 and this app offers plenty of great apps at zero cost. The interface is very easy to manage as it comes with windows explorer. It is good for people who get used with Windows explorer. Although most of us experience the dead of great apps, no one will know how long Kuaiyong will last in the business. In fact, Kuaiyong means “Use it quickly” in Chinese and does it trying to tell us to use it as long as we can?




According to today’s trend, free iOS apps are steadily becoming more sophisticated and important to iOS users. Thanks to Zeusmos, iOS users can now install a free app with just a few taps. The extremely easy-to-use user interface is also a reason for Zeusmos to top in the list.




AppCake is currently the best Installous alternative in the market now because it provides many unqiue features that other app doesn’t. Appcake has been in the market since 2008 and you can obtain free downloads for any Apple devices as well as Androids. Regardless of your interests, AppCake offers hundreds of free apps and games. In short, it is simply the best.


vShare or Appvv


vShare (also known as Appvv) is a great app to download greater apps. It works like a door for you to access millions of apps in your wish list. Some of the features available in vShare may seem a bit more abstruse but that’s what makes a download run faster.




iFunBox is one of the top recommended Installous alternatives for those who like to use their personal computer and mobile device together. iFunBox offers both mobile and PC version so that you can sync both devices and transfer files from/to each device. This app supports both Mac and Windows platform and works very well on all iOS 6 devices. Simply search any IPA files you want and then you can transfer the file to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to install the app.




HipStore works almost similar to iFunBox. It is an alternative for users to obtain their desired apps through their PC instead of their iOS devices. HipStore makes the installation process easier because all you need to do is drag and drop the IPA files to your iOS device. The simple three steps are: plug in the USB cable, download the IPA files, and transfer to your Apple device.


Panda App


Pandaapp or Panda App is yet another unconventional way to install app to an Apple device but it deserves a seat in the list here. To install an app using Panda App, you will have to download the app from your computer and then transfer it to your Apple device’s directory to install it.


Besides the above-mentioned apps, AppAddict, Apptrackr, IPA Search, IPAStore, IPA Installer Console, and IPA Search are some other alternatives to install apps to an Apple device.


Disclaimer: is not affiliate with any apps, website, or developer mentioned in this article. We often encourage users to purchase the app if it is useful to you. The purpose of using cracked apps it to test before buy, that’s why so many Installous alternatives are available although Installous is gone.

iPhone 5S Review

iPhone 5S Quick Review

While there are many phones that can be reliable, one stands out the most – the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S has many features that both seldom and heavy users can enjoy.


The iPhone 5S has a retina display that measures diagonally 4-inches widescreen. The pixel resolution is 1136×640 at 321 ppi.

The iPhone 5S has a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on the front. Thumbprints never cover the surface as it features a touch display (Touch ID) that unlocks by only the user’s thumbprint.

Body and Design

The iPhone 5S has a height of 4.87 inches, a width of 2.31 inches, and a depth of 0.30 inches. The phone weighs 3.95 ounces (112 grams).

Technical Specifications


The iPhone 5s comes with 64-bit chip, the Apple A7, as the feature is the first in mobile devices. The product contains a Dual-core 1.3 GHz Cyclone (ARM v8-based) that is accompanied by an M7 motion coprocessor that is the second CPU.


While the iPhone 5S lacks an SD card slot that allows for expanding storage, the phone does have a 16/32/64 GB storage, and 1 GB RAM DDR3.

Operating System

Unlike its competitors, the Androids that run on Java, the iPhone 5S has a code “C” operating system that allows for a quick and effective performance.

The operating system for the iPhone 5S is an iOS 7 that is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.


The iPhone 5S contains a f/2.2 aperture that can capture images with its amazing 8 megapixels rear snapper. The features of the camera include burst mode, photo geotagging, auto image stabilization, face detection, and auto focus.

The product has a sapphire crystal lens cover and while taking pictures has a true tone flash that captures the original color of both people and objects, provided by the five-element lens and Hybrid IR filter.

Pictures that can be taken along with video recordings support 1.2MP photos and features video recording in 1080p.

Battery Life

With the iPhone 5s, the battery life lasts much longer as it’s a 1558 mAh that has a 3.8 volt. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery with such great specs can run normally while texting and having the features of light brightness.

The product includes a charging USB power adapter that allows fresh charges of 10 hours while talking & 40 hours while listening to music plus 250 hours on stand-by.

Please read: How Can I Jailbreak My iOS Device if you’d like more information about jailbreaking your newly purchased iPhone 5S or other iOS devices.

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5 Useful Tips to Make your iOS 7 Phone Faster

When iOS 7 came out in September 2013, millions of iPhones and iPads were upgraded to this new version. The newest versions of the iPhone (the iPhone 5S and 5C) and the iPad come with iOS 7 pre-installed.

It is one of the most advanced mobile operating systems in the world and it runs all of the iPhones apps, notifications and other background activities. It is compatible all the way back to the iPhone 4 and iPad

The super-fast A7 Apple proprietary microprocessor powers the iOS7. A bulk of the complaints originates from iPhone 4 owners, whose A4 processors runs the iOS 7 in a rather sluggish manner.

Here is a breakdown to optimize the iOS 7 and get the most out of the spectacular software.

Do some cleanup

Go through your phone and do some spring-cleaning. Find apps that you don’t use or you do not need and remove them. It’s not just apps, find any files stored in your phone that are unused for a while and clear them out to make room for new files.

Such unused items may take up a lot of space and yet they do not contribute anything to you or to the running of the phone, forcing iOS 7 to do a juggling act on the phone’s resources.

Turn off some visual effects

Most of the times we want our phones to display sophisticated graphics. This might be great for showing off your phone, but the reality is that graphics consume quite a lot of the phone’s processing capacity. At times, you have to compromise and turn off some graphics features like Motion and Transparency.

Turn off some background processes

 Background processes like automatic updates and background app refresh are done behind closed curtains, where you do not see what is happening. The fact is that such processes require a lot of processing and it can make your phone slower.

Simply turn off these processes and your processor will be freed up that much more. You will also see an improvement on the battery life.

Reset documents and data

This quick fix is especially useful when you want to speed up your keyboard. The drawback here is that all your keyboard shortcuts will be deleted and you will have to start from scratch.

Factory reset

 If all solutions are executed with no success, you can decide to take drastic measures. Connect your phone to a computer and run an encrypted backup on iTunes. You can then restore the factory settings and then reinstall apps and data. This works most of the time.

So there you have it! Try these quick fixes for a fitter and faster iOS 7.

Here are some more excellent tip to save some battery juice. The awesome video is courtesy of 619b3rt



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How to fix Common Cydia Errors

Although not common, Cydia will at times give out pop out reporting malfunction of the app. Here is a breakdown on how to go about fixing some of the common Cydia errors.

‘Failed to Fetch’ Cydia Error

The ‘Failed to fetch’ error is one of the most common errors in the Cydia App. It can lead to a lot of confusion and frustrations especially on the part of first time users of the app. ‘Failed to Fetch’ Cydia Error

‘Failed to Fetch’ Cydia Error

The ‘Failed to fetch’ Cydia error is usually due to non-existence of the source you keyed in. The URL used might be broken, the source might be out of service or their might just be a temporary malfunction of repository.

Fixing it

If the error persists, here is a procedure to fix it.

Tap on the manage tab> Tap on sources> Tap on Edit

There will be an option to remove the repository right away. If that option is unavailable, the repository might have been installed as a package. In this case, you will have to proceed to uninstall the package.

iPhone Stuck in safe mode Cydia error

A section of users of jailbroken iOS devices often report an error that causes their devices to be in a perpetual safe mode state. The Cydia error will most of the times be caused a broken installed package(s) or just a malfunction of an installed package(s). iPhone Stuck in safe mode

iPhone Stuck in safe mode


Review your recently installed packages and extension. If you aren’t sure of which is the exact app that might be causing the error, you can use the trial and error technique to pinpoint the faulty package. Also it is advisable to check the iOS compatibility of the installed app. As a precaution, always ensure that the packages installed on your device are sourced from a reputable source.

‘Untrusted server certificate/ An SSL Error has occurred’ Cydia Error

The ‘Untrusted server certificate’ is also one of those annoying Cydia errors. Luckily, there is a quick and rather straightforward way to fixing the error. images (7)

‘Untrusted server certificate/ An SSL Error has occurred’ Cydia Error

Fixing it

The error is as a result of an incorrect date setting on your iOS device. A swift action to adjust the device’s date is just what is required to fix the Cydia error.

POSIX error: Operation Timed Out Cydia Error

The POSIX error: Operation Timed Out is another very common error that will pop out while using the Cydia App.  However, the cause of the error has nothing to do with the app. The most probable cause of the error is that one or more of your repositories might be offline. images (8)

POSIX error: Operation Timed Out Cydia Error


Fixing the Error

The first step is to fix the Cydia Error is checking on whether your device is connected to the internet. Try to access the repository once more. If the problem persists, try to access the source via your PC. If still doesn’t load, the source could be temporarily unavailable.

Massive Battery Drain after Installing Cydia

A section of users of jailbroken iOS, often report a significant battery drain on their devices. However, this has little to do with Jailbreaking the device but rather on some Cydia tweaks. iPhone Battery Drain

iPhone Battery Drain

Therefore, the action to fix the Cydia error is going slow on the Cydia tweaks.


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How to download an MP3 from Cydia

Cydia is the wonder app that is the exclusive preserve for Jailbroken iOS devices. If you wish to install the Cydia on your iOS device , the first step is Jailbreaking your device. Follow this simple but comprehensive guide on how you can jailbreak your device.

Back on the subject topic, for a non-jailbroken device, Apple offers only one way to download music to your device i.e exclusively through iTunes. However, once you have jailbroken your iOS, you have the complete liberty to do as you wish. It’s your personal choice on where you will source your favorite tunes for download.

Steps to download an MP3 from Cydia

Step 1

Tap on the Cydia icon on your device springboard to run it.

Step 2

Before you can download an mp3, you are at first required to install a music downloading Cydia App.  To guide you in your selection, here are the three most popular Cydia Music Apps.

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EZ-Mp3 Player

The EZ-Mp3 Player Cydia music app allows you to create custom playlists from their large database of music files hosted on different website servers. After creating the playlist of your favorite tunes, the EZ-Mp3 Player downloads the MP3 files to your device. The music app also offers streaming from a selection of  great radio stations. EZ-Mp3-Player

EZ-Mp3 Player



dTunes is another great Cydia music app for jailbroken devices to use in downloading MP3 files on their iOS devices. The app allows you to search for your favorite MP3 files and you can choose  to listen to it directly or alternatively you can choose to download the MP3 file to your device. dTunes



The app has an inbuilt music player and additionally gives you the option to view and download YouTube video files to your device.


Just like the other two music apps , the MusicDog Cydia app is another awesome app to download MP3 files to your device. The music app has quite an intuitive design and this is coupled with the huge selection of quality MP3 files in its music database. MusicDog


The app apes the insanely popular Spotify Music app but has the bonus option that allows you to play your music files even when in offline mode.

Step 3

Choose which of the three apps you wish to download. If you prefer a bit of diversity, you can choose to download them all.

Step 4

Tap on the icon of the downloaded music app. Browse around and download the music file you wanted on your device.

It’s simple as that!



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Download Cydia to Install Cydia Download

As iOS 7 jailbreak is released, it is a must to download Cydia and install Cydia download to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Over the years, the jailbreak community is getting bigger because most people who install Cydia rarely uninstall it from their iOS device. This is happening because Cydia acts as a portal to their world of free apps and free games. Other than that, there is a huge range of Cydia apps give you the ability to change the look of your iPhone or iPad which Apple does not allow. With Cydia installed, a user can download themes from Cydia App Store and change the entire look of an iPhone or iPad. Some apps even allow an iPhone user to customize the icon and wallpaper.


In order to download Cydia to an iOS device, it is unavoidable to jailbreak it. Jailbreaking is a process to remove all the restrictions and limitations imposed by Apple. This is to allow third party software to access the root of the iOS operating system. Thanks to all the great developers in the world, there are many ready made software, program, and apps available in the marketplace to assist you the jailbreak process. Of course, some of them are free while some are not.


Download Cydia with Jailbreak Apps


Whether you are running on iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5, or other iOS version, there are ways to jailbreak and download Cydia to it. Now here is some of the latest jailbreak program that comes with Cydia. These programs install Cydia automatically during the process and all you have to do is enable Cydia installation during the process. While Cydia is an important member of jailbreak family, some of these jailbreak programs install Cydia by default.


P0sixspwn – It is free to use p0sixspwn to jailbreak an iOS device and it is also free to install Cydia during the process. p0sixspwn supports iOS 6 jailbreak and it is now moving forward for iOS 7 jailbreak.


Evasi0n –Evasi0n is one of the latest and also one of the most popular jailbreak tools today. Evasi0n was first released in February 2013 and now the evasi0n7 has just released for iOS 7.


Absinthe – Absinthe is one of the most frequent mentioned names when it comes to jailbreak. It was released on May 2012 and also receives a lot of good feedback.


Redsn0w – Redsn0w gives you the easiest way to jailbreak an iOS device and it install Cydia within minutes.


Seas0npass – This jailbreak tool comes with a tethered boot option. It provides untethered jailbreak with Cydia packed in.


JailbreakMe – JailbreakMe is considered an old method to jailbreak an iOS device but this web based third party application is still a good way to gives you Cydia.


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Download Cydia


Download Cydia Manually


The aforementioned programs are just a few popular way to download Cydia on an iOS device. There are other alternatives you can try too. However, if you prefer to download Cydia manually to your iOS device, these are a few easy steps to follow. You can also follow these steps to reinstall Cydia if you accidentally deleted the application.


Step 1: It is inexorable to skip the jailbreak process to get Cydia. Thus, the first thing to do is to jailbreak it. You may skip this step if you want to reinstall Cydia.


Step 2: Now you will need to download the latest Cydia DEB file. The latest Cydia DEB file for iPhone can be downloaded here. Saved the DEB file it into any location in your computer. It works on both Windows PC and Mac OS.


Step 3: Download a SFTP software. You can use WinSCP, Filezilla for Windows and Cyberduck for Mac OS.


Step 4: Launch the SFTP program and connect your iOS device with your computer. Locate the DEB file you downloaded and SSH it to your iOS device. Place it to /private/var/mobile/documents/.


Step 5: Tap on the DEB file from your iOS device. From the selection of ZIP, Viewer, Unarchiver, and Installer, tap Installer. The installation process will begins. Tap “Done” once the process is finished. Go back to your home screen and you will see the sweet brown Cydia icon is there.


Does this article help you to understand how to install Cydia? Please leave your question or share your thoughts with the comment box below. Please also share it out if you have a better way to download Cydia to an iOS device. Now you have got Cydia, it is time to hunt for the best Cydia apps and you should check out the top 10 Cydia tweaks of all time and top Cydia themes of all time.

Download RecBoot to Kick an iPhone into Recovery Mode

RecBoot is a freeware that allows you to set an iPhone into or out of recovery mode. Windows and Mac users can download RecBoot online and install it to their computer. With RecBoot installed, a user can connect an iPhone to the computer and use RecBoot to set the iPhone into recovery mode. At the same time, they can also force the connected iPhone or iPod Touch out of recovery mode without the need to press on the Home, Sleep, or Wake button. In other words, you can force an iPhone into recovery mode without the need to press any button it.


Traditionally, it requires at least 4 to 5 steps to put an iPhone or iPod Touch into recovery mode. You will need to install the latest version of iTunes to your computer, hold the power button for a few seconds, press and hold the home button, and bla bla bla. These tasks are too complicated and tedious for people who only use their iPhone for calling and messaging. With RecBoot, all it requires is just one click! One click to put the iOS device into recovery mode and another click to exit recovery mode.


How to Use RecBoot

So, how to use this amazing one-click software?


  1. First of all, download RecBoot and install it to your computer. Here is the direct download links for Windows version (Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8) and here is the download links for Mac version.
  2. Run RecBoot and connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer.
  3. Once your iOS device is recognized, all you will see is only two buttons. As you can see from the RecBoot screenshot below, one button is to “Enter Recovery Mode” and another is to “Exit Recovery Mode”. Do you really need further instructions to use RecBoot?


RecBoot Screenshot


How to put iPhone into recovery mode manually


If you don’t like the way RecBoot performs, here is the manual way to put an iPhone into recovery mode.

  1. Install and run the latest iTunes in your computer.
  2. Switch off your iPhone.
  3. Press and hold the Home button while reconnecting your iPhone and computer together.
  4. Continue holding the Home button until you see the Apple logo appear.
  5. Release the Home button and you will see the message “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.” Click on the OK to put your iPhone into recovery mode.

iPhone recovery mode


RecBoot alternatives: TinyUmbrella.


In conclusion, whether you are using iOS 5, iOS 6, or iOS 7, there are times where you need to kick an iPhone into or out of recovery mode. In order to perform these tasks, you should download RecBoot to save your precious time.